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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

Of course I could not kill him. And while I am alive and my heart is beating, I will protect him. Khan says we'll be able to use him to stop the war...Yes, he can make miracles happen...But I don't want to use him. His war was over when I targeted the missiles at his home, his family.

— Level description

The Crossing is the twenty-fourth level in Metro: Last Light.


The level is based on the Moscow Metro's Vorobyovy Gory station, which is laying on the Luzhniki Metro Bridge.

Diary Entries[]

31. After walking across the ice and up the path past the billboard, Artyom will be underneath the bridge. Instead of heading up the stairs to the left, head right to the far pillar under the bridge and the note is on the ground by a dead body. It's near a dead demon.

32. When on the ice again, you will come to a half-submerged ship. The note is next to a dead body on the ship's bow.

Moral Points[]


  • After crossing the ice under a bridge, the Baby Dark One will appear on top of a wrecked van next to a billboard and expresses his desire to wear human clothing. Staying close to him earns a point.
  • Up a small path and to the right of the aforementioned billboard is a dead demon surrounded by dead Watchmen. Walking up to the corpse earns a point.
  • Just after the demon flies off, when entering the train, the Baby Dark One will appear with clothes. Do not shoot and stay close until he disappears (unavailable in Metro: Last Light Redux).
  • At the end of the level the Baby Dark One appears again, follow him to the end the level and gain a point (unavailable in Metro: Last Light Redux).


  • The largest demon in the game is found in this level.
  • If Artyom changes his filter while carrying the Dark One child after the train crash, a second left arm will appear out of thin air and perform the swap.
  • After entering a building with watchmen growls in the background, there are some corpses to the left of a big stair. If Artyom approaches the farthest corpse that has a claymore and then turn around, three watchmen will spawn in front of him. To avoid their spawn, just walk backward towards the corpses to get the item.


  • After the first encounter with watchmen pack, autosave will trigger in the next area. When you move forward, you will see the little Dark One appearing on top of destroyed telephone booth. At this point, if you reload from the autosave and move forward to the same scene, the little Dark One body will not be visible, only his shadow and voice remains.