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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game. The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

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The Depot is a location in the post-apocalyptic Moscow Metro. It was the storage facility for almost all the trains before the war, though it has fallen into ruins since. Many of the trains still remain, waiting to start journeys they will never make.


The Depot remains a mystery to most, if not all, of the Metro's human inhabitants apart from that it contains many pre-war trains, and since has become a breeding ground for Nosalises. During the events of Metro 2033, Pavel comments on how he has never seen the Depot before, though he heard many stories about it. The Depot, presumably abandoned since the war, has become the home to a large number of Nosalises, including black nosalises and winged nosalises which regularly attack nearby Hole Station.

In Metro: Last Light, Artyom visits the Depot again, though this time accompanying the Baby Dark One, in an attempt to get to Polis. Their original plan was to find a route into the Metro from the Depot, get onto the Hansa Ring and to Polis. However, when they arrive at the Depot, an old friend of Miller tells Artyom that Hansa is restricting access to the Ring after the Plague at Oktyabrskaya. Despite this, they press onward.

However, a Red Line commando squad has been dispatched by Korbut to kill Artyom and capture the Dark One. Despite facing down against the heavily armed men, Artyom manages to make it through the Depot to the other side. At the end, he finds Lesnitsky, and the two struggle before the Dark One incapacitates him, revealing Korbut's plan to take over the Metro, as well as the location of Pavel. Artyom then chooses whether or not to kill Lesnitsky for his betrayal, before leaving Depot for good, and moving into the Dead City.


  • The location is somewhere near Novokuznetskaya Station (Zamoskvoretskaya Line).
  • Nazis have presumably passed through the depot, as they have various camps in the direction of Armory , and a dead crew of Nazi soldiers is seen near Hole Station.
    • The dead Nazis near Hole Station might have been attacked by nosalises while passing trough the depot, forced to retreat into the tunnels, and killed when cornered.
  • It appears that between 2033 and 2034, the Depot, or at least the surface buildings, have been cleared of Nosalis nests. The Depot now appears to be a regular spot for traders to set up camp, and travelers to rest.