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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

I Remember! I Remember it now! I'm the double! I'm not the Baron!

— The False Baron

The False Baron is a minor character featured in the video game Metro Exodus. He serves Saul in his plot to remove the real Baron from the Munai-bailer and place a puppet in his stead.


The False Baron can be found south west of the Oil-Rig, on a small coastal path not far from the slave ship. Upon approaching the False Baron he will welcome Artyom so long as his weapons are not drawn. He will tell Artyom that he is the real Baron, the leader of the Munai-bailer, and his trusted lieutenant Saul, has placed him in his sanctuary to lure out traitors in their ranks with a convincing body double.

However all is not what it seems, as Artyom notes that the "Real Baron" is all alone, without food or water and is only guarded by two mannequins. Upon shooting the "guards" and attacking the Baron, he reveals the true nature of his appearance.

Saul is revealed to be the mastermind behind the deception and the "Real Baron" on the coast is in fact a body double. Planning on using the freedom fighter Giul, Saul was going to allow the real Baron to the killed, leaving the Munai-bailer leaderless. Knowing the ensuing chaos would mean the end of the Munai-bailer and the Holy Flame, Saul devised a plan to bring back the Baron from the dead, solidifying his power of the Holy Flame with the impressionable slaves and allowing him to control the faction with a puppet leader.

However due to the arrival of the Aurora, Saul has had to abandon his original plan. Providing Artyom spares his life at the Ruins outpost, Saul will meet with Artyom again and offers him a deal; kill the Baron in exchange for his van and the Munai-bailer will not pursue the Rangers after they leave.


  • The False Baron has a noticeable stitch above his lip, alluding to his recent surgery to match the real Baron's scar.
  • Contrary to what some players believe, this Baron is the body double, as his final lines after attacking him prove.