Paweł Majka invites us to live through a new adventure in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Kraków - once the city of Polish kings. In the year 2033 it has entirely different stewards... Paweł Majka's new novel hooks in, surprises and deceives you - be careful! Many things are not what they seem.

— Dmitry Glukhovsky

The Promised Human (Polish: Człowiek obiecany) is a novel that is part of the Universe of Metro 2033, a long-running series of short stories, novellas and novels written by different authors, all set in the world of MetroThe Promised Human, written by Polish author Paweł Majka, was originally published in November of 2016. Although there is currently no English version of the book, The Promised Human may be translated to Russian like other titles from the series that were originally created in a different language.

Yet another Polish entry in the series, this novel is set directly after Majka's The Promised District and brings back some of its main characters, as well as starring a key persona from the author's short story in Echo of an Extinguished World. It is a more mature and engrossing book than its predecessor.


The Federation has fallen, the ghosts are gone. The King is dead, since the Kombinat's efforts to harness his telepathy as well as the man's own accelerated ageing process have led to his demise - yet his twisted power lives on in the form of the child he had with the young Ewa Dziekierzyńska, who has been completely engulfed by the unanimity. In order to escape her captors' unethical experiments, Ewa has fled the fortress in eastern Kraków, trying to bring her child all the way to the Source of the unanimity hidden deep beneath Wawel. Captain of the Kombinat's Internal Guard Maciej Pitala is sent to recapture the girl with her experimental offspring, eventually joined on his mission by Szurnięty Stach, the frightening "Halny" from Echo of an Extinguished World, plus the first novel's protagonist, Marcin.

Meanwhile, far to the west, in the historic village of Tyniec we learn of another society of survivors. The book retells the backstory of Kamila Czapnik, one of the Stronghold's best fighters and most influential leaders. After her failed coup d'état, she is sent on a suicide mission by her superiors to find the Source and destroy it. On this endeavour, Kamila is joined by her trusted soldiers of The Dead - 4th Platoon of the 6th Airborne Brigade. The Narrative of the The Promised Human alternates between Pitala's ragtag band and Kamila's unit of disciplined troopers, until their paths eventually cross at Wawel. We also find out much more about post-apocalyptic Kraków.



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