The Right to Revenge (Russian: Право на месть) is a novel that is part of the Universe of Metro 2033, a long-running series of short stories, novellas and novels written by different authors, all set in the world of Metro. The Right to Revenge, written by Russian author Denis Shabalov, was originally published in June of 2017. Although there is currently no English version of the book, The Right to Revenge has been translated into one other Slavic language - Polish. The novel was translated to Polish by Paweł Podmiotko and published in Poland on the 14th of June, 2017.

Following on from the events of The Right to Life, it finishes Shabalov's trilogy, which has come to be known as "The Constitution of the Apocalypse" (Russian: "Конституция Апокалипсиса"). Like its predecessors in the trilogy, the book sticks with great attention to military detail.


After traversing thousands of kilometres to return to his hometown of Serdobsk, our protagonist Danila was met with an extremely grim turn of events. However, upon discovering that a group of young men from the shelter (among others Pavel "Battery" and Vadim "Surgeon") survived after all, it began to look as though hope was not yet lost completely. Danila must turn the boys into an effective unit of soldiers if they are to survive and wreak vengeance on the Brotherhood for their crimes. Together they must travel northeast, to Penza, in order to find allies in their fight against the better-equipped and more numerous enemy.

The third novel in Shabalov's trilogy follows Danila on his quest for revenge against the murderous Atyrau-based Coastal Brotherhood. It brings back some familiar characters, like Igor "Taleswapper" Ivashurov, as well as introducing new ones - such as the friendly elderly man Sidorych, or the wise Vladimir Nikolayevich Mamonov. The mysterious military installation at Sazan'-gora near Serdobsk plays a key part in the novel's story, and we also get to learn about the situation in post-apocalyptic Penza. The narrative expands upon the enigmatic Sergei "Zoologist" character, playing with the idea of a time anomaly and the possibilites it brings.



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