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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

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The Teacher is an unnamed camp master and founder of the Children of the Forest who was responsible for taking care of the children whose parents perished from the onset of World War 3.

Metro Exodus[]

The Teacher is mentioned a lot of by the members of the Children of The Forest whether they are Pioneers or Pirates. Presumably one of the few adults, who was with the children when the apocalypse came, he believed it to be his responsibility to teach the children valuable survival skills and continue to lead them in the right direction as they grew up, as traveling back to civilization was not an option. Since the war had spared the area, he decided to make do with what they had; he would teach the children how to survive in the wild, quite enthusiastically at first according to an audio log. It seems they were quite successful at surviving, and the Teacher felt proud knowing they were managing fine despite the apocalypse.

However, as time went on and the children grew up, bandits began invading the remote valley, and raiding and killing the now grown-up students. The Teacher taught the children to fight only in self defence, advocating pacifism and fleeing, but because the bandits kept attacking, some of his male students began to feel like they needed to do something before the bandits caused any more harm. So despite his benevolent and rational teachings, the bandit attacks on their settlements had caused some of the boys to become hardened and ruthless. At some point, the some of the boys led by Roman, a popular figure amongst the boys launched a retaliatory attack against the bandits, killing every single one of them. When they returned to camp later that night, covered in blood, it shocked some while rallying others to his cause. This caused the Teacher to become dismayed at what they had become. He began to live in seclusion in an abandoned church, contemplating his mistakes in raising the children. The hardened members went on to become Pirates who actively attack trespassers without second thought or the consent of the Forest Court, while the Pioneers chose to live in peaceful isolationism. The girls in the Pioneers would occasionally visit the Teacher.

At some point, the Teacher shot himself, leaving the Children to interpret his teachings in different ways. The Children built a shrine around his grave, though in recent years few dared to visit it due to the Forest Master moving into the area.