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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Tidyman is an achievement in Metro Exodus.


This achievement is obtained for using a total of 500 units of Chemicals for cleaning weapons at a workbench. Chemicals spent on crafting do not count towards the progression of this achievement, however, there is a separate achievement called Handyman for spending 500 resources on crafting.


  • A weapon that is completely dirty costs 20 Chemicals to restore to full condition. This means that the player would have to completely clean 25 weapons with zero condition to get this achievement.
  • Being outside during a sandstorm in The Caspian or during a thunderstorm in other locations, or falling into water in any location significantly worsens weapon's condition. This "trick" can be used when trying to get this achievement, as otherwise, weapons take quite a while to get completely dirty from full condition.