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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel. The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

Timiryazevskaya (Russian: Тимирязевская) is a minor location mentioned in the Metro 2033 novel with purely backstory significance. In Dark Tunnels, the author reveals that the station has become inhabited by Satanists.


Timiryazevskaya is mostly renowned for being the home of young Artyom, although he was eventually evicted from here when the station was suddenly overrun by a massive horde of thousands of rats. The attack killed most of the station's inhabitants, including Artyom's mother, though Artyom was saved after being passed onto Sukhoi, who was manning a nearby railcart. Despite being on the cart, most of the rats followed the survivors down to the next stations. The rats continued to swarm though Dmitrovskaya and maimed that population as well. It was only at Savyolovskaya, that the rats were eventually stopped by a flamethrower manned front - in a manner similiar to the scene in the video game when nosalises swarm Artyom's handcart before his arrival in Riga station.

In some of the Universe of Metro 2033 books by different authors, certain characters briefly described that the station was very bright and had a good reputation within the surrounding stations. They had a library, hospital, and more. In Dark Tunnels, the protagonist Anatoliy Tomski was also originally from the station and lived there as a child. However, he and another companion had left the station only a couple of days before the rat attack occurred. Many years later, Tomski unknowingly visits the station, only to find out that so many years after the rat attack, it has been taken over by Satanists. The new denizens have largely demolished the station, covering its walls with blood, pentagrams, satanic curses in Latin, and other horrendous sights. A giant pit has been dug out in the middle of the platform, which is being constantly deepened through the use of slave labour. Timiryazevskaya is still occasionally visited by Hanza traders who make their way there in secret to exchange supplies for a mysterious fuel source.