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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

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Tom (Russian: Том), also known as the Cat (Russian: Кот), is an anti-heroic character in Metro Exodus' Sam's Story DLC. He is the leader of a organized gang currently in control of Vladivostok.


Tom is an American arms dealer from Seattle, Washington, who worked in Russia when the bombs fell. Having a large stockpile of pre-war fully manufactured weapons and ammunition, as well as a considerable amount of manpower of trained mercenaries under the command of his right-hand man Klim, Tom's organization naturally found themselves at an advantage in the post-apocalypse. When they arrived to Vladivostok, Tom made a deal with a man known as the "Captain", who was in control of the city at the time, as well as a nuclear submarine, which would see them eliminate the bandits in the city, at which they were very efficient. Tom soon came into conflict with the Captain, however, as he wanted to use the submarine and its nuclear warheads to threaten other settlements into cooperation, and thus reestablish civilization. After a brief power struggle, the Captain went into hiding, leaving Tom the de-facto leader of the city.

Sam's Story[]

After his men captured Sam, he offers him a deal to convince the Captain to help him refuel the submarine. In exchange he and his gang would leave the settlement to embark on their quest to restore order and at the same time would sail Sam to San Diego.

After Sam contacts the Captain and passes communication to Tom, he proposes that if the Captain agrees to refuel the nuclear reactor and show them the procedure, he and his group will leave Vladivostok, leaving the Captain in control of the settlement.

The Captain agrees with the deal, but states that he does not trust Klim due to his brutality and shady nature of coercing some bandits to work under him. Tom reveals that he too does not trust Klim and promises that he will get rid of him if the Captain follows through with the deal.

His fate depends on whether Sam decides to blow up the nuclear submarine or not:

  • If Sam decides not to blow up the nuclear submarine, he will uphold his end of the deal and bring him back to the United States.
  • If Sam decides to blow up the nuclear submarine, he, the Captain and the rest of his group presumably perish in the explosion.

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  • Alongside the protagonists of The Roots of Heaven and The Outpost, as well as a very small number of other survivors from stories of the Universe of Metro 2033, Tom and Sam belong to a small number of American characters in the Metro Series.
  • Tom's given name and nickname are part of a pun. A "tom cat" or "tomcat" is an adult male cat.
  • Tom's right eye is blue, while his left eye is brown. This is known as complete heterochromia.
  • Tom's mercenaries are easily one of the best equipped factions encountered through the Metro series, as most of them are equipped with high-end weapons, ranging from the Bastard, Ashot, and Valve to the Kalash, Stallion, and Sammy.
  • Tom is one of only three characters to speak English in the Russian dub of the game. The other two are Sam and Alyosha, who briefly practices it with Sam in the Caspian Sea.