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Tomilin (Russian: Томилин) is a Ranger and a minor character appearing in Metro Last Light.


Tomilin is briefly seen during the level Quarantine, where he greets Artyom in the Hanza controlled station. Khan says that if it were not for Tomilins team, the Reds would have attacked Hanza and the station after their subterfuge at Oktyabrskaya. It appears Tomilin knows Artyom personally and the two get along, as Tomilin says he is glad to see Artyom healthy and strong.

Tomilin leads a small team of two other unnamed Rangers. However it seems that they are well adapted to combat as they are able to hold off a large contingeant of Reds. Tomilin and his team are dressed in typical Ranger gear, consisting of the dark jumpsuit uniform and iconic Ranger Helmets. All three soldiers are armed with scoped VSV Rifles . One member of his team wears Night Vision Goggles .



Tomilin only says hello to Artyom and then procedes to look at his journal. His team however tell Artyom they are too busy to talk and says to comeback later

One of the team opens his helmet to converse with a Hanza guard about why the reds would be at Oktabrskaya.