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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light video game.

I dragged Pavel out of the noose, and he says he's going to take me as close to Polis as possible. Then I'll contact the Order and report on everything that has happened. The path to the legendary Theater lies through the catacombs. I've never been here before, and without my new friend I'd probably be completely lost. I hope he knows the way.

— Level description

Torchlight is the eighth level in Metro: Last Light.


The level begins just outside the airlock where Pavel's execution was scheduled to take place.

As Artyom and Pavel walk through the tunnel, they overhear a Reich officer issuing an order to cut off the lights through the announcement system. Forced to use the infested tunnels, they must fight their way through hordes of mutated Spiderbugs.

Diary Entries[]

8. After climbing on top of the train, Pavel will save you, the note is right in front of you to the right on the ground.

9. You’ll come to a section where Pavel asks you to follow the electrical wires to charge up the box. Follow the path until you come to a door, then take the path to the right follow the path a short ways, and there will be a little room to your left; the note is on the dead body.

Moral Points[]


  • Just before the elevator at the beginning of the Spider tunnels, look to the left-hand side for a small nook hidden by cobwebs. Burn them away to find a small stash of ammo and a medkit next to two skeletons. Entering this nook earns a point.
  • Entering the elevator with Pavel earns a point.
  • Fending off the Spiders with Artyom's flashlight in the elevator earns a point.
  • Quickly saving Pavel from the Spider attack just after exiting the elevator earns a point.
  • Sticking close to Pavel, while he is holding a torch. A point is earned once he drops it.


  • In the elevator with Pavel, leave your flashlight off throughout the ride.
  • Immediately after the elevator, leave your flashlight off and don't help Pavel when he is pinned by the Spider.


  • The title of the level refers to the spiders' sensitivity to bright lights.
  • It's unlikely, but not impossible, that considering some 4A devs came from GSC, that Pavel's line about the Three Musketeers was inspired from a line in S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl where the barkeep would say: "Damn Musketeers! Playing D'Artagnan, assholes!".


  • Upon entering and immediately on the left is a skeleton holding a safe key.


  • There is a bug during the rope swing sequence in which Pavel will mysteriously disappear, making the level impossible to be finished. Changing the graphic settings usually fixes the problem. They can be set back to the original after the cutscene.
  • There is a bug similar to the above, where Artyom will climb the train car alone (the animation will play, but Pavel won't move) getting the player stuck. It's impossible go further nor go back.