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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 video game.

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Miller and I left the train, then climbed up the tunnel to the Korolev Performance Hall. We were close to Ostankino Tower now. In the frozen streets, we joined the other Rangers in their furious battle that began my story...

— Level description

Tower is the level at the start of Chapter 7. It takes place on the surface outside Korolev Performance Hall and immediately follows the events of the Prologue, where Miller, Artyom, and the other Rangers are swarmed by a large horde of watchers, along with a pack of demons, coming from Ostankino Tower.


Artyom and Miller must defend themselves from the mutant attacks before making it to the tower. The player must follow Miller's instructions and stick with him as leaving Miller and rushing or staying too far behind will cause the player to be pounced by a demon, or sometimes a Watcher, and killed. Although there are hundreds of watchers in the background, only a handful of them will face the player directly and will attack at a predictable pattern. Even though the danger is not yet passed once Artyom and Miller get to a shed outside the tower the danger of the demons has. Once the two make their way to the interior of the tower they are presented one final problem: how to get up the tower. Fortunately, Miller offers a solution. Simply by activating the elevators counter-weight, they can ride their way up.


  • Artyom's Gasmask seems to operate differently in this and the next level. It can take a lot more damage than usual, and the filters that are normally replaced by Artyom or the player are automatically changed without an animation. It's unknown why this is so, but it could be that the developers wished the events leading up to the climax were not interrupted by the frequent filter-switching.
  • In the Prologue (Redux only), one of the Ranger’s Kalash has an under-barrel grenade launcher. It can’t be obtained. In Top-Ethereal, this Kalash is replaced by one with a 2x scope, laser sight, and an extended magazine, or just the other two attachments.


  • If the player uses a medkit right before the cutscene with the demon, Artyom will use the medkit after the cutscene and then will be unable to do anything but move.
  • At the end of the level, when Miller activates the elevator's counter-stop the camera will occasionally move back to the wrong position so that when the elevator begins to go up, the camera will remain on the ground floor.