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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2034 novel.

Tulskaya (Russian: Tульская), also known as Tula or Tulska, is a metro station that appears in Metro 2034.

Metro 2034[]

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In the novel Tula station is struck by a plague epidemic. The soldiers garrisoned there, among them Artyom Popov, are ordered to open fire on the local population to stop the spread of the infected into the rest of the Moscow Metro. Eventually, the series of events that transpire there lead to the station flooding and the presumed death of Popov. Sasha, who is also there at the time of the flood, is thought to be dead as well (though her body is never found) until the events of Metro 2035, when she is discovered alive by Artyom Alekseyevich at a brothel in Tsvetnoy Bulvar station.

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