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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

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The "USS Mayflower" is a nuclear submarine that plays an important role in the plot of Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.


Originally a submarine belonging to the Russian Navy, with Eduard Baranov serving as its captain. When the bombs fell, the crew docked the vessel in Vladivostok and established a settlement around it, using its nuclear reactors as a power source. However, the community was constantly threatened by bandits, until Tom, a former American arms dealer, proposed an alliance, which the Captain reluctantly accepted. Tom's men (led by Klim) managed to drive out the bandits, however, a major dispute broke out between him and the Captain over the future usage of the submarine - Tom wanted to restore its power plant and (mis)use its immense fear factor to subdue more surviving colonies, which the Captain strongly disagreed with. As a result, the Captain was forced to flee and is constantly being pursued by Tom's men, because he is the only one who knows critical information needed to restore the submarine into a working condition. Now named USS Mayflower, the submarine is under the command of Tom when Sam arrives to Vladivostok.

The fate of the submarine depends on which ending was achieved at the end of the story. It is either restored into working condition and used by Tom and Sam to sail to the United States, or blown up by Sam to prevent Tom's plan of misusing it to force more survivors to join him.


  • The submarine's design seems to be based on the Class 941 Akula "Shark" (known in the West as the Typhoon class), a real-life class of Russian nuclear submarines.
  • The full designation given to the sub by Tom is "USS 2036 Mayflower", and the original Russian designation can be seen on a model of the sub in his office. 2036 most likely refers to the year the events of Sam's Story take place.
    • It was named after the first ship to transport pilgrims to North America, which is poetic since the sub transports Sam, an American, back to his home country (provided he doesn't blow it up).