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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game. The subject of this article appears in the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus.

Sam obtains his Universal Detector in Tom's armory

The Universal Detector is coin-sized dectector device that can be used to locate items, traps, and others things in the surrounding environment. It's exclusively featured in Sam's Story, a DLC for Metro Exodus.


The device takes form of a metal-cased circular display. It is treated as a bracer upgrade, so it has to be installed on a workbench before it can be used. The Universal Detector is given to Sam by Danila, the armorer of Tom's organization, because large areas of Vladivostok are covered in mines that serve to protect against humanimals and other mutants, which are abundant in the half-flooded city.

Apart from mines, the detector can also detect crafting resources, weapons, ammunition, and upgrades, so it's essentially an improved version of the Metal detector from the base game.

When an item is located nearby, the detector produces a short beep every few seconds. When a mine or a tripwire trap is nearby, the detector produces three subsequent beeps every few seconds. The display shows collectible items as green dots and traps as red dots. The exact range is unknown, however, it appears to be around 10 metres. The display is active all the time, but it's not very well visible when holding certain weapons. To counteract this, the player can raise their arm and look at the display by pressing the "time" key (by default Y on QWERTY keyboards and Z on QWERTZ keyboards).


  • The physical model of the Universal Detector appears to be the same as the one of the Motion scanner, a different bracer upgrade from the base game. It's possible that this is actually the same device, just reprogrammed to pick up different types of signals.