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The subject of this article appears in the Metro 2033 novel.

Vanechka (Russian: Ванечка) is a minor character, seen only in Metro 2033. Mentally-disabled in an unknown way, Vanechka is under the guardianship of Mikhail Porfirevich, an old man who lives with Vanechka in Barrikadnaya station.


Vanechka is first encountered by Artyom in the tunnels to Kuznetsky Most station after fleeing from Kitai-Gorod that was under attack by the Fourth Reich. He is under the watch of Mikhail Porfirevich, who never explains their relations. Artyom accompanies Vanechka and Mikhail down a tunnel to the Reich after the guards in Kuznetsky Most tell Mikhail that Red spies are after him for saying negative things about the Red Line. When they arrive at a Reich checkpoint further down the tunnel, they are all asked to prove that they are sufficiently Russian and show their passports. Artyom meets their standards, but Mikhail on the other hand has trouble in explaining why Vanechka does not have a passport or what is wrong with him. Obviously distressed from his treatment, Vanechka attacks one of the Reich soldiers, who responds by shooting him. As he is lying on the ground fatally wounded, the soldier walks up and executes Vanechka with his pistol. Artyom, in anger, responds by shooting the same soldier but is prompty knocked out. This is the last time either Vanechka or Mikhail are seen in the book, Mikhail reportedly dying under the stress of torture later.


  • Regardless of whether or not Vanechka had a passport, was pure Russian, and hadn't attacked the guards, the Reich soldiers would possibly have still executed him for being mentally-disabled, or at least denied him entry to Pushkinskaya.
    • Mikhail does, however, mention that the Nazis allowed them passage before. Though they insulted Vanechka, they didn't harm him.