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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Last Light Redux video game.

Veteran is an achievement/trophy in Metro Last Light Redux that can be obtained in the level Sparta.


During the first playable level of the game, the player will be required to traverse through the Spartan base at D6 in order to meet Miller. Along the way, Artyom will eventually meet the weapon vendor. After he hands over a new gas mask, air filters, and a medkit, he will then allow the player to select three weapons free of charge.

In order to receive this achievement, the player needs to make sure to pick three weapons that use different ammo; an example: Shotgun (Abzats or Shambler), Handgun (Revolver), and Assault Rifle (Bastard, Kalash, RPK, or Valve). The achievement will unlock as soon as the player arms themself with three different weapon types. If you desire to switch around your loadout after the achievement unlocks, you are free to replace your weapons before moving onto the next section of the level.