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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

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The Volga's Expired Ordnance Storage Facility commonly referred simply as the ammo dump is a small bunker complex encountered during the Volga level.


The facility was intended to be used as a low profile ammo dump, but at an unknown time before World War III, the disposal team ran a corruption scheme in which they would split the government funds between themselves and the generals instead of investing it on the structure. This lead to the neglect of the facility and the contents within. As a result, the barrels of hazardous material started to leak after just a few years without maintenance. In time the air inside of the complex became lethal to humans.

After the main door was shut, the only way to access the underground facility was through a hole in the ground above the bunker. The locals, worrying that someone could fall through, marked the hole with a piece of wood featuring an old red and blue striped shirt hoisted on top. The vibrant colors of the shirt helped to make it more visible for wandering locals as they passed by. This, however, caused Anna to assume that it was a US flag and an indication of occupying forces. Investigating the site, she fell through the hole, trapping herself inside until Artyom and the Rangers arrived.


After Artyom talks with Krest, he is tasked with returning to the Aurora, but a few moments after leaving Krest's crane, Miller contacts the Rangers, asking about the last known position of Anna. He is then informed that she left to check for the occupying forces over in some ruins. Miller proceeds to scold the Rangers for their lack of caution before ordering Artyom, Sam, and Damir to go look for her.

Upon arrival, Artyom falls through the same hole as Anna did but keeps his consciousness. He immediately equips his gas mask and Anna with hers. Now, Artyom is tasked with restoring the power and then opening the main door all while being attacked by several humanimals. After the task is completed and the door is open, the couple are greeted by Damir and Sam at the entrance to the bunker and Artyom is tasked with returning to the Aurora.


The bunker seems to be a pretty straightforward warehouse with a central hall and several adjacent galleries, but after further investigation it quickly turns into a maze with chain fences sculpting Artyom's path.

After gaining control of the facility, Artyom can pass through the door to the right at the end of the small hallway. From here, turn right again at the end of the room through a breachable door to find a Kalash with a standard stock and a 30 round magazine alongside a note. Going back to the breachable door, keep going straight until a hole in the wall is found, pass through it and the first humanimal of the area can be seen to the left. From here, going straight to the objective is recommended as the loot found while exploring the galleries is not worth the amount of ammo wasted killing all the humanimals.

Go to the central hallway where some loot can be found on a crate, take the left as if going back to the entrance. At the end at the end of the hallway is a fuse box that must be activated. From here take a right turn and then a left turn. Killing only the mutants that get in the way is recommended as Artyom can become overwhelmed by the amount that will show up. After the left turn, at the end of the hallway a crank wheel can be found. Interacting with it will open the door and automatically kill any mutants chasing Artyom.


  • The presence of humanimals may imply that several people may have become trapped inside the bunker in the same manner as Anna.
  • Krest has a hideout a few meters away from the hole, which may imply the warning flag was placed by him.