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Weapons are the tools or devices designed to inflict damage or harm and used for offensive or defensive purposes. In the post-apocalyptic world of Metro, weapons are often necessary for survival in the harsh conditions full of hostile creatures (or equally hostile humans) and thus, many, if not most Metro inhabitants and other survivors carry some form of a weapon. This can be anything from a simple knife to crude metro-made firearms (like the Bastard) to sophisticated pre-war weapons like the Kalash 2012. Weapons appear both in the novels and in the games of the Metro universe, but in both media, they are presented quite differently.

In the Novels[edit | edit source]

In the novels, weapons are hardly ever referred to with their exact designation. Sometimes however, it is possible to figure out what weapon is being described. VDNKh convoy guards are said to carry "bulky military 7.62 calibre "machine guns" with wooden butts" which are probably AKMs, RPKs or perhaps (although this is unlikely) even PKs. The weapon carried by Bourbon and some Hansa guards is most likely AKS-74u ("It was also a Kalashnikov but it was cut-off like the ones held by the Hansa border guards, with a hinged butt and a short socket instead."). In Metro 2034, Hunter carries a bulky pistol which is implied to be Stechkin APS. In Metro 2035, the weapons used by the Rangers are said to be silenced AK-74s. It is possible that, as Artyom was not a soldier before joining the order, he did not know the exact names of the weapons, but when he joined the Rangers, his knowledge of weapons increased, so he started to recognize the specific weapon models.

In the Games[edit | edit source]

As all Metro games (These include Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and Metro Exodus) are first-person shooters, weapons play a significant role in them. A wide variety of weapons are available that can be separated into several classes. Below is a list of weapons in all Metro games grouped by weapon class.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Melee weapons are weapons used in hand-to-hand combat, usable melee weapons in Metro games include various knife variants.

List of melee weapons
Image Name Game description Appearances
Knife isometric M2033.png Trench Knife Not available Metro 2033
Last Light
2033 Render Throwing Knives.png Throwing Knives The perfect stealthy short-range weapon, a throwing knife can be cold-wrought from spring steel by any skilled metalworker. Metro 2033
Last Light

Handguns[edit | edit source]

Handguns are small firearms which are usually held by one hand in their default form. However, most handguns appearing in the games can be modified and converted into rifles or small carbines, which are fired using both hands.

List of handguns
Image Name Game description Appearances
MLL ashot iso.png Ashot This pistol, mass-produced in the Metro, is, despite being quite primitive, a powerful and reliable weapon that shines in close combat. Last Light
Lolife iso.png Lolife A makeshift semi-automatic pistol, the Lolife is quite capable and highly customizable. Last Light
Pistol1.png Revolver A simple and reliable weapon produced in the Metro. Has great stopping power but kicks like a mule. Metro 2033
Last Light
ME Render Stallion alt.png Stallion This imported semi-automatic handgun was extensively modified to better suit its current environment. It boasts great stopping power and is exceptionally effective against unarmored targets. Exodus

Assault rifles[edit | edit source]

Assault rifles is the most numerous weapon class in the game. These are automatic weapons that fire intermediate cartridges. In the games, this class also includes carbines and light machine guns.

List of assault rifles
Image Name Game description Appearances
Aksu iso.png AKSU This shorter version of the classic Kalash with a folding stock has a very high rate of fire, but does not have the range or accuracy of its larger sibling. Last Light
MLL bastard isometric sm.png Bastard This makeshift SMG has a high rate of fire which makes it overheat and jam quite rapidly, hence the weapon's name. Metro 2033
Last Light
Bulldog Render.png Bulldog The pinnacle of the Kalash family, this assault rifle boasts massive improvements compared to its predecessors in terms of firepower, accuracy, ergonomics and weight. It also has a lower rate of fire, making it easier to control in burst mode. The weapon's advanced design makes it hard to maintain in the postnuclear world, degrading its reliability. Exodus
AK-74M isometric M2033.png Kalash The classic pre-war assault rifle. Despite being very common, it is held in very high regard in the Metro due to its reliability and performance. Metro 2033
Last Light
AK2012 isometric dirty M2033.png Kalash 2012 At the start of World War 3, this was the best assault rifle used by the army. It is extremely sought after in the Metro due to its great performance. Metro 2033
Last Light
MLL RPK-74 isometric sm.png RPK This classic pre-war light machine gun has a great range and is very precise, at the same time being able to handle long bursts. Last Light
Sammy render.png Sammy This weapon was custom-built using Kalash as a base, its extensive modifications aimed at increasing the weapon's combat efficiency. Featuring a three-round burst-fire mode in its primary configuration, it is also capable of firing incendiary ammunition, which is especially effective against certain kinds of mutants. Exodus
MLL VSK isometric sm.png VSV An accurate and powerful assault rifle good for medium-range combat. Its somewhat low muzzle velocity translates into lower noise and faster bullet drop. Metro 2033
Last Light

Sniper rifles[edit | edit source]

Sniper rifles are semi-automatic or bolt-action weapons for long-range combat. They usually fire high caliber bullets with immense stopping power but their rate of fire is low and they are too cumbersome to be used in fast-paced close-range combat.

List of sniper rifles
Image Name Game description Appearances
MLL VSSK isometric sm.png Clapper This silenced anti-materiel rifle is extremely highly valued by experienced snipers for its immense power, pinpoint accuracy and stealth potential. Last Light
MLL volt driver isometric sm.png Hellbreath The railgun shoots bearing balls at incredible speeds, but takes time to charge its capacitor. Deals lower damage if fired before charging fully. Metro 2033
Last Light
MLL preved iso.png Preved Being the most powerful of rifles produced in the Metro, it is capable of hitting its targets even in cover. Best long-distance sniping weapon. Last Light
MLL valve iso sm.png Valve This rifle, made in the Metro by skilled gunsmiths, is extremely accurate and powerful. A truly great long-distance weapon. Last Light

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Shotguns are close-range weapons that fire buckshot. They are very effective against mutants but they often take a considerable amount of time to reload.

List of shotguns
Image Name Game description Appearances
Heavy auto shotty.png Abzats This buckshot-firing heavy machine gun is deadly at close range, but eats through ammo at a high pace and does not accept silencers. Metro 2033
Last Light
Bigun Render.png Bigun Assembled from common bicycle parts and metal pipes with the most basic tools, this revolver shotgun is as easy to manufacture as it is efficient in the enclosed space of the metro. Metro 2033
Last Light
Duplet isometric M2033.png Duplet The 12-gauge shotgun is one of the best close combat weapons ever. A blast from both of its barrels can kill almost any mutant on the spot. Metro 2033
Last Light
Saiga iso.png Saiga This pre-war automatic shotgun is very reliable and has a high rate of fire, which makes it a great weapon for dealing with packs of mutants. Last Light
Uboinik isometric M2033.png Shambler This revolving shotgun is very effective at close range and stays so even at medium range, but takes quite some time to fully reload. Metro 2033
Last Light

Pneumatic weapons[edit | edit source]

Pneumatic weapons are an interesting concept that emerged in the Metro after the war. These weapons use compressed air to fire various metal projectiles.

List of pneumatic weapons
Image Name Game description Appearances
Helsing isometric M2033.png Helsing A silent, revolving air gun that shoots metal bolts. Overpressurizing its tank increases power, but the extra pressure vents before long. Metro 2033
Last Light
MLL tihar iso.png Tikhar A makeshift air gun, surprisingly silent and accurate. Overpressurizing its tank increases power, but the extra pressure vents before long. Metro 2033
Last Light

Heavy weapons[edit | edit source]

Heavy weapons are a diverse class which includes various weapons capable of delivering heavy firepower at the cost of being very cumbersome.

List of heavy weapons
Image Name Game description Appearances
LL Flamethrower Render.png Flamethrower This makeshift pneumatic flamethrower does not have an awful lot of range, but it more than makes up for that with its lethality and remarkable ability to use almost any fuel available in the Metro. Metro 2033
Last Light
MLL gatling iso.png Gatling A makeshift rotating barrel machinegun capable of long sustained fire barrages. Requires spin-up before it can actually shoot. Last Light
LL Medved Sideview.png Medved A makeshift spring-operated grenade launcher capable of lobbing grenades of any kind. The grenades explode upon hitting anything. Last Light

Throwables & explosives[edit | edit source]

This class includes various (even non-lethal) throwable pieces of equipment, as well as explosives that can be either thrown or placed down.

List of throwables & explosives
Image Name Game description Appearances
LL Render Claymore.png Claymore Mine This makeshift, directional, anti-personnel shrapnel mine is completely inferior to its pre-war counterpart but is still indispensable in the narrows. Last Light
ME Render Decoy.png Decoy An improvised noise decoy attracts attention of humans and beasts alike with the loud rattling noise it produces. Exodus
2033 Render Grenade.png Grenade This makeshift grenade is, essentially, a length of steel pipe filled with explosives, but it can still be quite deadly if it goes off close enough. Metro 2033
Last Light
2033 Render Sticky Grenade.png Sticky Grenade Your regular grenade fitted with some barbs and hooks which allow it to stick to the target until the fuse burns to the end. Metro 2033
Last Light
LL Render Incendiary Grenade.png Incendiary Grenade This primitive incendiary device, little more than a bottle filled with gasoline, is still a dangerous weapon if employed skillfully. Metro 2033
Last Light
ME Render Molotov.png Molotov Cocktail This primitive incendiary device, little more than a bottle filled with gasoline, is still a dangerous weapon if employed skillfully. Exodus

Emplacement weapons[edit | edit source]

This class includes weapons which can not be moved under normal conditions and are instead fixed to various tripods or mounted on vehicles.

List of emplacement weapons
Image Name Game description Appearances
DShK isometric M2033.png DShK 12.7mm Machinegun Not available Metro 2033
Last Light
Flamethrower isometric M2033.png Flamethrower Not available Metro 2033

Weapon Customization[edit | edit source]

In all Metro games, weapons have various attachments and upgrades available to them which can modify their functionality. However, the methods of obtaining modified weapons differ greatly between all games.

Metro 2033[edit | edit source]

In Metro 2033, there are no direct customization options, however, some weapons have multiple variants which can be found, or, more commonly, bought at weapon vendors. Weapon variants usually differ in their sights - one variant has iron sights while the other has some form of scope and/or laser sight. The Shambler has a unique variant equipped with a bayonet. The Revolver has the most variants of all weapons, as versions with long, short or silenced barrel, long or short stock and with or without a scope appear in the game.

In Metro 2033 Redux, weapons can be customized the same way as in Metro: Last Light.

Metro Last Light[edit | edit source]

Metro Last Light introduces an attachment system available for most weapons. Almost all weapons can equip some form of sights (a red dot sight, a scope and/or a laser sight) and an extended magazine. There are also more unique options for specific weapons, like various barrel modifications, muzzle devices or stocks. A list of attachments available for each weapon can be found on their respective page.

Metro Exodus[edit | edit source]

In Metro Exodus, customisation options have been greatly expanded. All weapons have multiple slots with several (usually 4) different parts available for each slot. Parts in different slots can be combined freely, so there are countless amounts of different configurations available for each weapon.

Metro Exodus technically has the most amount of handheld firearms in the series, even though it does not seem like it at first glance. This is due to the new customisation mechanics introduced in Metro Exodus, that allows weapons to essentially become entirely different weapons with certain modifications.

Not including any promotional weapons, DLC weapons, or weapons added in Redux, the handheld firearms/pneumatic weapon count per game is as follows:

  • Metro 2033: 10 weapons - Revolver, Bastard, AK-74M, Kalash 2012, VSK-94, Shambler, Duplet, Helsing, Tikhar, Volt Driver
  • Metro: Last Light: 15 weapons - Revolver, Lolife, Bastard, AK-74M, Kalash 2012, VSK-94, Preved, Valve, Ashot, Duplet, Saiga-12, Shambler, Helsing, Tikhar, Gatling
  • Metro Exodus: 10 weapons - Bastard, Revolver, Bulldog, AK-74M, Valve, Ashot, Shambler, Helsing, Tikhar, Gatling

At face value, Metro Exodus only has 10 weapons. However, if you factor in the modifications that can be made in Metro Exodus, that number climbs from 10 to 19.

The following is a list of these "hidden" weapons:

  • The Bastard with the Light Grip, Short Barrel and Small Magazine is the Lolife with the fully automatic attachment installed. Longer barrels and stocks can be added to simulate other Lolife attachments.
  • The AK-74M with the Light Grip and Short Barrel attachments becomes the AKS-74u, and with the Standard Stock, Long Barrel and Extended/High Capacity Magazines becomes the RPK-74
  • The Valve with the Long Barrel, Sniper Stock and No Magazine is the Preved
  • The Ashot with the Hunting Stock and Double Barrels becomes the Duplet
  • The Shambler with the Shotgun magazine becomes the Saiga-12, and with the Box Magazine it becomes the Abzats
  • The Helsing has an entirely new crossbow configuration, but with the Pneumatic Bow System and High Capacity Magazine, it becomes the classic Helsing
  • The Tikhar with the Railgun attachment becomes the Volt Driver

Of course, this can come down to each individual's criteria of what classifies as a "new" or "different" weapon, but it is an interesting thing to consider nonetheless.

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