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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Weathered Report is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


The Dead City: After climbing up the escalator, you will be forced to go through the door on the left. The report will be on the desk to your left in the third room, behind some lockers.


To: OSKOM Rapid Response Group Commander

Lieutenant-Colonel Khlebnikov

In response to your request No. 132/17-A, I hereby report that:

During the interrogation, the captured have stated that their main motivation behind their participation in the mass rioters was their general dissatisfaction with their economic and social situation. Quotes:

"We work our assess off in the dirty tunnels and you fuckers have a classy living down there!"

"I haven't eaten a fill of meat in ten years, though I am raising them pigs at the farm."

"We only get one measly dose of green stuff a month, which is fucking nothing, while you fuckers pack bags full of stuff!"

Still, the final push for them to join the rioters was, as the group leader puts it, an alleged conspiracy of the OSKOM leadership:

"So you think that since we're dismantling those cars here in the boonies, we don't know shit? Boy, you are wrong about that! The Committee (the OSKOM leadership) bigwigs are setting up to flee the city like the rats they are, so they are hogging up all the green stuff! Ain't that so? You're gonna leave us here to die! We knew it all since winter! Why did they have to take half of our guys? Topside, to clear the tracks! Why the sudden order to bring the diesel online? It's been parked here for ages, we were about to take it apart - and now you want us to fix it? Don't think we're dumber than rocks!"

After the interrogation, the rioters due to them being undeniably guilty of sabotage, were handed off to the Disposal Unit as per standard procedure.

OSKOM Special Department Investigator