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The subject of this article appears in the Universe of Metro 2033 book series.

Wesoły (Polish for "merry" or "happy") is an independent Russian stalker living in Kraków during the year 2033. He is one of the protagonists of The Promised District and an important side character in The Promised Human.


One of Kraków's experienced sovereign stalkers, known as "ghosts", born and raised in the pre-war Russian Federation. Until June of 2033, Wesoły was a citizen of the SSNH Federation.

As a result of betrayal and a misunderstanding at the shelters of his home faction, he was forced to flee the underground along with the young Marcin and Ewa Dziekierzyńska and brought them to the Polish Aviation Museum. During the attack of the King's horde on the Museum, Wesoły managed to run before the unanimity could take full control over his mind.

Two months later, in August of 2033, Wesoły ended up at the Tyniec Stronghold (to the west of Kraków proper) and learned from them about the Source beneath Wawel. With the squad of Polish paratroopers, led by Kamila Czapnik, he leaves Tyniec on a mission to destroy the Source - serving as the guide of the group.


  • At some point during the story of the first novel, Wesoły and Ewa become close. However, after her mind is consumed by the King's powers, seemingly nothing remains of her feelings towards the Russian stalker.