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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

I only got briefed half a year ago! Under a strict "You talk - you die" policy!

— Miller

Winter is the third level in Metro Exodus, and the first of the seasonal intermission levels set solely on the Aurora. This level is the shortest of the season levels and has the least amount of activities to do on the train.


The level begins with the fallout of the Rangers actions in Moscow. Having stopped 100 kilometers outside of the city, Miller briefs the crew on the real situation gripping Moscow. The War is still ongoing, the Invisible Watchers do indeed exist and pull the strings of the Metro, and Moscow has been ordered by the remnants of the government to 'play dead' and maintain radio silence to avoid further bombing.

Anna and Stepan return from outside checking their Geiger counters, revealing the air is clean, breathable and radiation free. Anna then berates her father for knowingly allowing Artyom to continue to risk his life searching for outside life whilst Miller had known the truth all along. He responds with saying that the Invisible Watchers only made themselves known to him after the Battle for D6, and threatened him with a strict "You talk, you die" policy. Miller then asks Artyom to search the airwaves for any mention of the Ark project, the government bunker in the Ural mountains housing the remnants of the government. Artyom manages to patch into a pre-recorded message from the Ark, giving instructions to any survivors to make their way to Mount Yamantau where the government will house any survivors of the war. An elated Miller proposes a toast and declares Yamantau their destination, with Idiot suggesting naming the train Aurora, in reference to the Roman goddess of the dawn, and to the Naval cruiser of the same name that started the October revolution.

Miller then speaks to Artyom privately, justifying his silence in regards to knowing about the outside world, saying that the Watchers needed him to train new recruits after the Battle for D6, and how he believes that losing his men, and losing his legs was justified if it meant that it would save the Metro and Moscow itself. He likens the Aurora to a marathon runner, and warns Artyom not to trip them up during the journey.

Meanwhile on the train, Anna and Alyosha discuss his injury, Duke is shoveling coal, Tokarev and Stepan are taking inventory and Damir, Sam and Idiot are stood at the head of the train, discussing philosophy among other things.


Related Achievements/Trophies[]

ME Achievement Aurora Icon.png Aurora (Achievement) Bronze Trophy Icon.png / 15 Game points.png
Name the locomotive.


  • One can listen into a number of radio communications but only after they find the Ark's signal, these transitions will loop after a while but each frequency has about two transitions each aside from radio stations playing music.
  • Sam is unaware of what the Aurora's name alludes to. This makes sense, as the Russian Revolution is taught little in American schools and Sam would have had no reason to learn its importance.