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The subject of this article appears in the Metro Exodus video game.

Worn-out Diary is a diary entry that can be collected in Metro Exodus.


The Dead City: Once you reach the flooded tunnel, row down it until you see a door on your left. Get off the boat and go inside. The diary will be on the desk in the last room.


December 10

Looks like we're more or less settled now. Sure feels weird - life's over, the whole world is in cinders, nothing but static on the radio. We don't have much longer, with the counter ringing like an alarm-clock on steroids - the military, though, still can't drop their charade. They've created a Committee, a Special one to boot! So official... The civilians don't give much of a damn either, they used to whine about being transferred to the Sibirskaya, and when the military stopped all immigration, they just switched to bickering over spots furthest from the tunnels. What difference does it make? Hardly half of us will still be alive in a month!

Feeling sick... I wonder how much radiation have I swallowed in the last month?

December 15

The station manager gave out the radioprotector today. It appears, they were making the stuff at the Institute... I thought they did it just to keep the folks from panicking, but no - I felt better as soon as I took the first shot. It looks like we're going to be staying here for a little longer...

January 1

How many years have passed since... My whole life... Was there anything even worth noting in that life? I just wasted it all here, in the underground... Well, I did move to the depot - but that's just work, you could do worse if you want your green stuff... So, I just went without writing anything down. Who cares about day-to-day stuff? You can't even tell one year from another down here...

January 2

I just had to go and write that shit yesterday! Talk about bad luck... Where did all those worms come from, with it being winter and all? Spent the whole day cleaning the tunnel - in the technical corridor the slime ate through all the planks, me be damned if I know what we're going to build walkways with from now on... Still, it didn't get the mushrooms - famine is definitely something we could do without...

January 15

Our boys are back from the surface. Two of the five, plus the spook. And they are keeping their mouths shut.

Managed to get them talking over drinks - the Akademgorodok green stuff warehouse is empty now. They'll have to cut our supply down - I'm lucky to have some set aside for a rainy day. And when that runs out... Who cares about this life anyways.

February 15

I called it! They cut our handout by half. I can survive, but what are the people with families supposed to do?

March 15

Another cut by half... Just one flask - this is enough to last a week out here... Another week later, you start puking your guts out. Another two, and it's time to start shopping for a coffin. Though, coffins are a thing of the past now - you're lucky if they don't feed you to the pigs once you croak now...

April 10

Gave my last five flasks to Kolya - his daughter's got the rash already... With this, she should get better for a spell. I'm done with sitting on my butt in this hole, the others say the same... We're going to have some fun, spread our wings a bit before closing time!